Food Vendor Rules

General Rules (Please read carefully):

  1. All vendors must supply their own canopy. Canopy cannot be bigger than the space provided. Please rent additional spaces if required.

  2. Restaurant spaces are 20 feet by 20 feet. Items may not extend into the walkway pass your both space. Sidewalks must remain open and clear at all times.

  3. This is a family event. No flammable or harmful items may be displayed. No alcoholic beverages permitted otherwise approved. No booth sharing is allowed.

  4. The Chester County Department of Health requires a food handler's license. Please provide a copy with your form. If you have any questions contact Chester County Health Department. Click Here.

  5. Each restaurant must have at least one fire extinguisher (5 lb, multipurpose, ABC, BC fire extinguisher.

  6. Each restaurant must have adequate control for oil/grease spill containment. Disposable rugs or other suitable absorbent surface should be used under all frying or other oil/grease containing equipment. YOU NEED TO PROVIDE GROUND COVER TO PROTECT SIDEWALK.  FAILURE TO DO SO OR INADEQUATE PROTECTION WILL RESULT IN CLOSING DOWN BOOTH.

  7. Clean-up is the responsibility of the applicant. STREETS and SIDEWALKS MUST BE COMPLETELY CLEANED of ALL GREASE. Vendors are responsible for removing all trash from their area. Trash container will be provided by the organizers. Festival trash receptacles not to be used by vendor.


The event will be held rain or shine.

The event can be cancelled by the planning committee in case of dangerous or extreme weather conditions

A huge thank you to our sponsors!
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